Podcast Episode 2 – Hot Girls Wanted

By | December 30, 2015
Hot Girls Wanted Documentary – 
A quick overview of the setup – craigslist ads, brings girls to Miami, they live there while they shoot films.  follows 3-4 girls who arrive and start working, focuses on one girl who came from Texas and goes back home with her to see what her family and boyfriend think of it.  She notably goes from all about the porn to getting out.  It seems most of the pressure is from her family and boyfriend.  He was cool with it at the beginning and then changed his mind about what she was doing and porn in general. Her mom was totally against it from the get go. very awkward situation as they were discussing it and the girl didn’t want her dad to know. In the end 3 out of 4 of the girls were done with it – it was done with them.  Watch it on Netflix.
Couple of points:
These girls were young 18-20, naive, immature, seemed to be rebelling and trying to leave wherever they were from.  trying to make it on their own and explore the world.  no mentions of whether any were abused etc.  I really felt sorry for them.  They could have been my daughter.  They knew what they were doing in a sense, but they did not comprehend the full picture and long term effects.  They joked about porn, they smoked and drank in rebellion.  There were a few candid moments when you could tell they felt sick about what they were doing but would then quash those feelings quickly.
It was very interesting that the shelf life for these girls was only 1-3 months.  Three months meant they did really good.  Only a select few get to continue and when they do, much more is expected from them in the form of niche scenes and more extreme sex acts.  So the big machine pretty much uses them up fast and spits them out.  On to the next new face to draw more views.
It was also disturbing to me when they showed how this one site called something like ‘facial abuse’.  There were these 2 guys who were hitting and insulting these girls, even making them puke.  All this was supposed to be exciting for the consumer (i don’t know how).  The looks in these girls eyes were like ‘get me out of here’ while the acted like they enjoyed the abuse.  According to the show, this site gets millions of hits each day.
If you want to see some of what goes on in the porn industry in a sort of behind the scenes look, give this a watch.  Much of what doesn’t get said is profound in my opinion.  What I mean is, the filmmaker did not seem to take a stand one way or the other and let the people say what they wanted.  In those moments when their guard is down, you will see what porn really does to these girls.  It’s not the glamorous life they had imagined, rolling in the dough, partying and living it up.  Much of what they were dealing with internally will tear them up.  They are allowing themselves to get used and abused for the pleasure of others.  They are risking their health – physically and mentally.  Deep down they know it is wrong and not good for them.
Another angle own this story is that this is only one pimp and 4 girls.  There are many more guys and girls like this who are cycled through every month.  That means that the industry is huge and the demand is huge.  If people were not paying for this, there would be very little need to keep feeding the machine with new girls every few weeks.  Demand fuels pornography and these guys are trying to keep up with demand.  Until the demand for this stuff decreases, there will always be new girls and guys signing up.
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