About me

My name is Brian and I am the host of the Quit Using Porn Podcast.  Here is what I believe to be true about porn:

  • I believe that porn is harmful to relationships, health, and social lives of those who consume it.
  • I believe that porn objectifies women and makes them commodities that are used for the gratification of the consumer.
  • Porn is very addictive and will grab hold of people the same way that drugs do.
  • Users of porn have a hard time relating to people in the real world because they behave much differently than those in porn.
  • Users of porn experience broken marriages, relationships and sexual dysfunction.
  • A person can break the addictive cycle of porn.
  • Relationships can be restored and transformed after porn.
  • A porn addict will always be tempted to fall back into – vigilance is essential.
  • No one can break free from porn all by themselves or on their own, they need help.