Podcast Episode 2 – Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted Documentary –  A quick overview of the setup – craigslist ads, brings girls to Miami, they live there while they shoot films.  follows 3-4 girls who arrive and start working, focuses on one girl who came from Texas and goes back home with her to see what her family and boyfriend think… Read More »

Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction to Quit Using Porn Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of Quit Using Porn. In this episode, I introduce the podcast stating what I hope to accomplish by it and what you can expect. Please understand that I am doing this to help you! Give the show a listen and please leave me your feedback and questions here: Contact http://veracitymediallc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/QUP-Intro-EP1.mp3Podcast:… Read More »


Thank you for visiting the website for the Quit Using Porn Podcast.  The site is still under construction, but functional.  If you would like to contact me, go the the ‘get a hold of me’ page and I will get back to you.